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Education Specialist

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Education Specialist


Education, Leadership and Public Service


Administration and Supervision (Ed.S.)

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Dr. Kristen White


This arts-based self-study examined racism, whiteness, and white supremacy in the practices of one teacher educator in a rural, Midwestern university. Data was generated using arts-based methods. Narrative inquiry and critical incident technique (CIT) were utilized to analyze data. Through arts-based self-study techniques, I demonstrate how arts-based self-study can create diverse and multimodal access to understand identity construction and the effort to dismantle racism and other systemic barriers in the teacher education context. Furthermore, through multimodal arts-based data collection, I demonstrate the possibility for educators to navigate complex memory and emotional processing to develop more complex, nuanced understandings of antiracist identity through an intersectional lens. Finally, through the use of CIT and narrative analysis, I demonstrate how studying an “extreme” event in the research spring boarded me into a more complex and nuanced understanding of abolition, racism, and ABAR teaching in the teaching and learning event.

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Open Access