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Master of Science




Psychological Science (MS)

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Amber LaCrosse


Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) is the most common neurodevelopmental disorder affecting children. Children with ADHD may have difficulty with maintaining focus and appropriate activity levels as well as controlling compulsive behaviors. Currently, the diagnostic criteria for ADHD is subjective and leads to frequent misdiagnosis and the subsequent use of prescription amphetamines which may lead to long term developmental cognitive alterations. Previous literature has identified ST3 Beta-Galactoside Alpha-2,3-Sialyltransferase 3 (ST3GAL3) as a possible genetic component underlying ADHD. This study uses Loop Mediated Isothermal Amplification (LAMP) to amplify the wild type of the ST3GAL3 gene in two groups of participants: one displaying ADHD characteristics as defined by the Adult ADHD Self-Report Scale (ASRS-v1.1) Symptom Checklist, and one that does not. The current study has two aims: (1) To replicate findings that show participants with ADHD test negative for ST3GAL3 and (2) To further investigate the influence of anxiety and depression, two highly comorbid disorders with ADHD.

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Open Access

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This thesis is an extension of previous research currently under embargo. We intend to publish the combined works in an academic journal within the next 5 years.

Available for download on Wednesday, April 05, 2028

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