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Master of Fine Arts




Creative Writing (MFA)

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Jennifer A. Howard


contigo y las estrellas is the first book of two in this series. Book one journeys through time with the main protagonist, Lucia, who happens upon her partner’s time travel watch. Her relationship to her mother launches her into a whirlwind of events that lead her to seeing her past in front of her. This novel is a multiple-perspective book that details the anxieties and brightness that comes with learning about time travel and having a willing protagonist who is trying to save her mother. contigo y las estrellas not only focuses on familial relationships, but it interrogates personal sacrifice, ethics, and most importantly love and all its intricacies. This book is a meditation on time travel and how tricky it can get when you involve devastation and hope.

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Open Access

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I am going to try to publish this book, and I won't be able to publish it if it's available for download through NMU.

Available for download on Sunday, April 05, 2099