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Master of Science


Health and Human Performance


Exercise Science (MS)

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Randall Jensen


The purpose of the current study was to determine what effects 7-weeks of yoga training had on Olympic weightlifters flexibility, rate of force development, and jump height. Pre- and post-testing was performed consisting of flexibility and jump performance measurements. The participants performed a sit and reach test followed by a loaded overhead squat test with barbell. The overhead squat test was performed with reflective markers and recorded video to assess joint angles. A countermovement jump and snatch, at 80% of their one repetition maximum, was performed next to measure rate of force development and jump height. The participants then were split into control (n= 8) and experimental (n=9) groups, with the experimental group receiving 7-weeks of yoga training while the control group watched videos pertaining to weightlifting. After 7-weeks, the participants returned for post-testing. There was a significant difference within participants when comparing the pre-test and post-test values for the following variables: sit and reach, shoulder flexion, countermovement jump rate of force development, and snatch rate of force development decreased while knee flexion and ankle dorsiflexion increased. There was no significant interaction between the pre- and post-test and the condition. No significant difference was found between groups for any variable and effect sizes were all small or trivial. Yoga training does not seem to have an effect on weightlifting performance variables.

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Open Access