Title of Grant

Becoming Teachers: A Phenomenological Study

Granting Organization

College of Health Sciences and Professional Studies

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School of Education, Leadership, and Public Service


This grant facilitated the scholarship of discovery and the professional development of a third-year faculty member as she continued to establish a line of inquiry focused on the scholarship of teaching. Addressing a gap in the literature, this phenomenological study sought to explore and to describe 55 methods students’ experiences with literacy strategies and representations of “becoming a teacher” in two secondary education methods courses during the winter and fall semesters of 2014. Understanding students’ lived experiences contributes to pedagogical approaches to teacher preparation as well as to a broadened understanding of literacy in the context of teacher education. More immediately, study findings will be the focus of an (accepted) international, peer-reviewed conference presentation and at least one article submitted to a peer-reviewed journal for publication. Findings will aid Dr. Edge’s professional development in that they will contribute to her ongoing line of inquiry focused on the scholarship of teaching. Findings will also help inform and guide both Dr. Edge and her department in the design and implementation of a new secondary methods practicum course.

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