100 Books for Understanding Contemporary Japan, Susan Goodrich


Letters to a Young Psychologist & The Golden Coin: Freud or Jung?, Timothy G. Compton and Ignacio Solares

Book Sections/Chapters

Obsessively Estranged, Compulsively Creative, Nell Kupper

Book Reviews

Brujas, aparecidos y leyendas: Antología de obras de dramaturgos comunitarios, Timothy G. Compton

German Romance.VI, Wigamur, Jon Sherman

Conference Papers in Published Proceedings

There Is No Such Place, Tim Compton

Yankee Invasion: A Novel of Mexico City, Timothy G. Compton

Green/Activist Mexican History in "Asalto al agua transparente", Timothy G. Compton

Is There a Method to Her Madness? The Representation of Juana of Castile in French Literature, Tara Foster

Early Feminists and the Education Debates: England, France, Germany 1760-1810, Carol Strauss Sotiropoulos


Enforced Heteronormative Socio-Cultural Structures in Garage Olimpo and "Cambio de armas", Rebecca Ulland

Conference Presentations

Green/Activist Mexican History in Asalto al agua transparente, Tim Compton

The Theatre Art of Alberto Lomnitz, Tim Compton

Baudouin Butor's Unfinished Arthurian Romance, Tara Foster

Educating Catherine: Clemence and Her Counterparts, Tara Foster

‘They Say That Women May Preach': The Reception of Saints' Lives, Tara Foster

Voice in the Life of Saint Margaret, Tara Foster

'You Have Spoken, Now Let Me Speak a While': Female Authorship in the Life of, Tara Foster

Chemically-Induced Quixotism: A Cervantine Reading of "Special", Michael Joy

Engaging Twenty-First Century Students With the Golden Age: Success Stories From Small Colleges, Michael Joy

En torno a lo lúdico: La cultura naipesca en el teatro de Cervantes, Michael Joy

Mysterious Lights and Unhinged Knights: Quixotic Quests in "Journal of a UFO Investigator", Michael Joy

"Wrestling Miguel de Cervantes: (Golden-)Aged Heroes in Don Quijote and The Wrestler.", Michael Joy

Yo soy hijo de la piedra, que padre no conocí’: The Ambiguity of Masculinity in Pedro de Urdemalas.”, Michael Joy

A Child Frozen in Time, Nell Kupper

Albert Cohen's Contemporary Tale, Nell Kupper

Creativity and Religious Forms as Healing, Nell Kupper

Creativity and Service Learning in the French Classroom, Nell Kupper

Desire and Violence in the Texts of Albert Cohen , Nell Kupper

Desire and Violence in the Texts of Albert Cohen, Nell Kupper

Going Around in Circles: Naturalism in Zola and Seurat, Nell Kupper

It Takes a Community: Building or Expanding a French Program, Nell Kupper

Julia Kristeva and the Francophone Identity, Nell Kupper

Le Séducteur dans le monde moderne, Nell Kupper

Looking Back to the Future, Nell Kupper

Out of Sight, Out of Memory, Nell Kupper

Seducer with Identity-Envy: Modern Consciousness Confronts the Dis-order of Multiculturalism, Nell Kupper

Systems Theory and the Mother Daughter Dyads in French Narrative, Nell Kupper

The Mother, the Son and the Ghost in the Mirror, Nell Kupper

Victoire échouée dans La Princesse de Clèves, Nell Kupper

Impressions of Cuba 2011, Amy Orf

Live Music from the Spanish-Speaking World, Amy Orf

Live Music from the Spanish-Speaking World: Cuba, Amy Orf

¿Qué tiene la profesora en la refrigeradora?: Using photos to personalize course material, Amy Orf

Responding to Changing Teacher Certification Standards at a Small Midwestern University, Amy Orf

The Other Auxiliaries of the Spanish Progressive, Amy Orf

This Song is Your Song, This Song is My Song, Amy Orf


A Closer Look at 'incluso' and 'excepto', Amy S. Orf


Do the Math! Grading Scales and Grade Inflation, Amy S. Orf


It Just Doesn’t Add Up: Grammatical Number in Spanish and English, Amy S. Orf


Paradise Lost: Cuban Exile Filmmaker León Ichaso, Amy S. Orf


The Challenges of Faculty-Led Study Abroad in Cuba, Amy S. Orf


The New Spanish Future Subjunctive, Amy S. Orf


The Thing about -ing, Amy S. Orf

Breaking Barriers: Old Europe and the New Land vis-à-vis Models of Women’s Education, Carol Strauss Sotiropoulos

“Engaging with Language and Culture: A Community Comes Together Through Service Learning.”, carol strauss sotiropoulos

Female American Transcendentalists and Male German Romanticists: A Tricky Mix, Carol Strauss Sotiropoulos

“Gender Binds: Margaret Fuller and the German Romanticists”, Carol Strauss Sotiropoulos

Margaret Fuller: (Nineteenth-Century) Woman in German, Carol Strauss Sotiropoulos

Revisiting Margaret Fuller, Goethe, and the German Romantics, Carol Strauss Sotiropoulos

Seducing the Enemy: the Savvy, Scandalous, Satirical Early Supporters of Gender Equality, Carol Strauss Sotiropoulos

The Mind: Gendered or Not? Competing Claims in the Enlightenment and Today, Carol Strauss Sotiropoulos

“Young Women's Education: Early Nineteenth-Century Rhetoric and Reality in Transition.", Carol Strauss Sotiropoulos

Diaspora and Borderlands in Silvia Plager’s La Rabina, Rebecca Ulland

Hija del silencio by Manuela Fingueret: The Volume of Silence, Rebecca Ulland

Hija del silencio de Manuela Fingueret y la recuperación de la voz judía, Rebecca Ulland

La Princesa Federal by María Rosa Lojo: Countering Mármol’s Representation of Manuela Rosas, Rebecca Ulland

Los mitos de la pasion en La pasion de los nomades de Maria Rosa Lojo, Rebecca Ulland

Positioning Race Through “Otherness”: Travel Writing by the Mansillas, Rebecca Ulland

The Myth of National Unity: María Luisa Bemberg’s Response to José Mármol, Rebecca Ulland

The Power of Discourse: The Discourse of Power: The Voyage of the Beagle and La tierra del fuego, Rebecca Ulland

From YouTube to the Berlinale: European Representations of Refugees in Fiction and Film, Anna E. Zimmer

Whodunit?: The Global Refugee Crisis and Implicated Subjects in German Crime Fiction, Anna E. Zimmer


Brighter Futures Grant - Good Books for Everyone: English 110 and Teaching Family Homes, Susan Goodrich

Journal Articles

Performance Review of Un puto peón negro chueco: A Mexican Play by a Spaniard, Directed by a Mexican, in Madrid., Timothy G. Compton

A Woman’s Choice: Duty and Desire in La Princesse de Clèves , Nell Kupper

A work of Self Reconstruction , Nell Kupper

Daughters Who Remember: the Omnipresent Mother in Nathalie Sarraute’s Enfance, and the Absent Mother in Patrick Modiano’s La Petite Bijou , Nell Kupper

Le Piège du discours maternel dans le roman de Mme de Lafayette , Nell Kupper

Seducer with Identity-Envy: Modern Consciousness Confronts the Dis-order of Multiculturalism , Nell Kupper


Putting the Past and Present on Trial: Migration and Memory in Ludwig Laher's Documentary Novel, Verfahren (2011), Anna E. Zimmer