Erich Ottem


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Researcher Bio

Erich Ottem

Associate Professor

2109 New Science Facility


Ph.D., Neuroscience (2004) Neuroscience and Behavior Program, University of Massachusetts-Amherst

Postdoctoral Fellow (2004-2007) Neuroscience Program, Michigan State University, East Lansing, MI

The primary research focus of my laboratory deals with the interaction of androgens, neurotrophic factors, and excitatory neural signaling in the spinal cord to maintain the structure and function of motorneurons and neuromuscular junctions. Of special interest is determining the roles that the neurotrophin brain-derived neurotrophic factor (BDNF) and androgen play in the maintenance of the extensive dendritic arborization of motorneurons, the regulation of excitatory synaptic signaling they receive, and the preservation of the neuromuscular junction.

A secondary focus of my laboratory is delineating the roles that gonadal steroids play in the anatomy and physiological functioning of sexually dimorphic nuclei in the endocrine hypothalamus. Specially, our laboratory is interested in the influence these hormones have over the regulation of excitatory glutamatergic and inhibitory GABAergic neuronal populations found in these regions.


PRIME, interdisciplinary, research