Ghost Dancing and the Iron Horse: Surving through Tradition and Technology, Alex K. Ruuska

Conference Presentations

“A Safe Place”: Using Clinical Supervision to Develop Students’ Inter-Professional Practice Skills, Ann Crandell-Williams and M. Copenhaver

The BSW Mock Interview: Benefits and Best Practices, Ann Crandell-Williams and A.K. Wyche


Evaluation of Novel Pharmacologic Strategies for the Next Generation Antipsychotic Drugs, Patricia Cianciolo

Self-Study of My Own Development as a Teacher Educator, Ira Hutchison

Journal Articles

Developing a Training Program on Issues in Aging for Correctional Workers, Patricia Cianciolo

Infusing Aging and Public Policy Content into Gerontology Courses: Collaborative Learning Methods To Teach about Social Security and Medicare, Patricia Cianciolo

Fathers on Parole: Narratives from the Margin, Ann Crandell-Williams and A, McEnvoy

Dimensions and Implications of the BSW Mock Interview Process: Applying an Emergent Approach, Ann Crandell-Williams, A. K. Wyche, and K. Johnson