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Master of Fine Arts




English (MA)

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Associate Professor Jennifer Howard


Lynn Kimball Fay has been publishing for twenty-five years under the pen-name L. E. Kimball.
As a writer, I’m interested in the way Truth seems to me—intuitively—nonlinea. I’m interested in story cycles that examine Truth from different points of view, usually nonlinearly; and I’m interested in the way setting reveals Truth and how it reveals character. I’m interested in Faith—a kind that is not irreconcilable with science, the kind it takes to put that foot in front of the other.
The kind we have in one another.
I have always, therefore, been fascinated with layers of Time, the nonlinear and synchronistic way in which we experience it. How the people and events in our lives float up to us periodically, much like those Halloween apples we bobbed for in our childhood, seemingly randomly, yet never quite that, informing and forever changing the direction of our lives, so that at times we don’t understand the significance of things until we’re “meant to.” The past, present and even implied future become part of an Einsteinian reality in ways we can never anticipate.
My linked stories reflect these ideas.
I write as I live.

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