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Natural History Note: Plethodon cinereus
Brent Graves and J S. Placyk


Drought drove forest decline and dune building in eastern upper Michigan, USA, as the upper Great Lakes became closed basins
Walter L. Loope, Henry M. Loope, Ronald J. Goble, Timothy G. Fisher, David E. Lytle, Robert J. Legg, Douglas R. Wysocki, Paul R. Hanson, and Aaron R. Young


Geoarchaeological Modeling of Late Paleoindian Site Location in the Northwestern Great Lakes Region
Robert J. Legg, Robert R. Regis, John M. Lambert, Matthew Liesch, and Charles B. Travis


Use of Business-Naming Practices to Delineate Vernacular Regions: A Michigan Example
Rob J. Legg, Matthew Liesch, Linda M. Dunklee, Anthony D. Fieg, and Austin J. Krause

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