Conspectus Borealis Submission Policies

Any undergraduate student at Northern Michigan University is eligible to submit scholarly and/or creative works to Conspectus Borealis, provided the submission adheres to the following criteria:
  • The submission must be completed during a student’s time as an undergraduate at Northern Michigan University. Work completed at other universities will not be accepted.
  • Students must upload a signed faculty approval form with their scholarly and/or creative works.
  • The submission may not be an audio or video project. These file types can only be included as supplementary files for text based projects.
  • All submissions must be made electronically to the "Submit Work" link by the date featured in the schedule below.
  • If submitting a visual piece within the fine arts:
    • Submit a photograph or scan of the work, as well as its title and dimensions.
    • Provide a thorough explanation of the methods and materials used to create the piece as well as the reasoning as to why the piece was created as it was.
    • If applicable, provide any necessary citations or context surrounding the subject of the piece in the aforementioned explanation.
  • Remove your name from your submission so that our staff can review your submission without bias.
  • Fill out the submission form in the “Submit Work” link to completion.
  • Late submissions cannot be accepted except in the case of an extenuating circumstance. Please contact borealis@nmu.edu with an appropriate explanation if an extension is needed.
  • Papers written in French, German, or Spanish are acceptable, provided a student adheres to the above criteria and has a Language Lab Approval Form filled out to completion. You may obtain this form from 153 Whitman Hall or from the Conspectus Borealis website (Language Lab Approval Form).