Dissertation of Note, Sandra Burr

Nursing Simulation: Emergency Equipment, Sandra Burr

Peter White Scholar Award, Matthew Gavin Frank

Reassigned Time Award, Matthew Gavin Frank

The New York Book Festival, Matthew Gavin Frank

Instructional Improvement Grant, J. Marek Haltof

Peter White Scholar Award, J. Marek Haltof

Northern Michigan University Faculty Research Reassigned Time Award, Amy T. Hamilton

Michigan Motorcycle Safety Program, Jennifer Howard

One of the Wigleaf Top 50 Very Short Stories of 2009, Jennifer Howard

Academic Service Learning, Rebecca Johns

Hemingway Foundation/PEN Award Finalist, Rebecca Johns

Faculty Merit Award, Zhuang Zhong Lehmberg

Community Partner of the Year, Kia Jane Richmond

Excellence in Professional Development, Kia Jane Richmond

Honorable Mention, NCTE Award for Excellence in Affiliate Journal, Kia Jane Richmond

Marilyn Hollinshead Visiting Scholar, Kia Jane Richmond

Present Paper at the Conference on Self-Study of Teacher Education, Kia Jane Richmond

Rose Day Recipient, Kia Jane Richmond

STEP UP, Kia Jane Richmond

The Last Rodeo: Part One, Kia Jane Richmond

Conference on English Leadership, English Leadership Quarterly Best Article Award, Kia Jane Richmond and E. Olan

2005 NMU Center for Economic Education Conference Award, Jaspal Singh

NMU's Distinguished Faculty Award 08/09, Jaspal Singh

Fulbright Award, 2012-2013, Jaspal Kaur Singh

NMU Merit Award, Jaspal Kaur Singh

Northern Michigan University Faculty Research Grant, Jaspal Kaur Singh

Peter White Scholar Award, Jaspal Kaur Singh

Excellence in Teaching Award, 2010-11, David Wood

Michigan Campus Compact Demonstration Grant, David Wood


Winter Solstice, R. Fei and Zhuang Zhong Lehmberg

Preparing the Ghost: An Essay Concerning the Giant Squid and Its First Photographer, Matthew Gavin Frank

The Mad Feast: An Ecstatic Tour Through America’s Food, Matthew Gavin Frank

Historical Dictionary of Polish Cinema, Second Edition, Marek Haltof

Handbook of Research on Writing and Composing in the Age of MOOCs, Elizabeth A. Monske and K. Blair

Mental Illness in Young Adult Literature: Exploring Real Struggles Through Fictional Characters, Kia Jane Richmond

Mental Illness in Young Adult Literature: Exploring Real Struggles Through Fictional Characters, Kia Jane Richmond

Representation and Resistance: South Asian and African Women Texts at Home and in the Diaspora, Jaspal Kaur Singh 2508334

Violence and Resistance in Sikh Gendered Identity, Jaspal Kaur Singh 2508334

Voice on the Water: Great Lakes Native America Now, Jaspal Kaur Singh


Narrating the New Nation: South African Indian Writing, Jaspal Kaur Singh 2508334 and Rajendra Chetty


Negotiating Gender and Sexaulity in Contemporary Turkey, Jaspal Kaur Singh 2508334 and Mary lou O'Neil


Negotiating Gender and Sexuality in Contemporary Turkey, Jaspal Kaur Singh and Mary Lou O'Neil


The Digital Temple, Robert H. Whalen

Book Sections/Chapters

Beneath the Umbrellas of Benevolent Men: Validating the Middle-Class Woman in Little Women and Five Little Peppers and How They Grew, Sandra Burr

A Prayer for the Spudnuts, As They Take to the Sky, Matthew Gavin Frank

Death By Chocolate, Matthew Gavin Frank

Hector in the Redwoods, Matthew Gavin Frank

Tajarin, Matthew Gavin Frank

The Mynah Bird Eats Hawaiian Shave Ice, Matthew Gavin Frank

The Revisionist Caprese Salad, Matthew Gavin Frank

Peter Weir, Jozef Haltof

God's Early Church, Austin Hummell

Examining mental illness in John Green’s Turtles All the Way Down: OCD- More than just attention to detail, Kia Jane Richmond and Elsie Lindy Olan


A Review of the Literature on Pedagogical Approaches to Native American/American Indian Literatures, Kel Sassi


Bending the Arc of Writing Assessment Toward Social Justice: Enacting Culturally Responsive Professional Development at Standing Rock, Kel Sassi



Book Reviews

Of Elephants and Toothaches: Ethics, Politics, and Religion in Krzysztof Kieślowski’s Decalogue, Jozef M. Haltof

As Flowers Bloom and Wither, Zhuang Zhong Lehmberg

Book review [Review of The book of Joshua: A novel, by J.A. Moses]., Kia Jane Richmond

Seeing the Spectrum: Teaching English Language Arts to Adolescents with Autism, Kia Jane Richmond

Conference Papers in Published Proceedings

Elizabeth Grosz: Australian Poststructuralist Feminism, Gabriel Brahm

After Gaddis, Stephen Burn

Intersections: Essays on Richard Powers, Stephen Burn

Jonathan Franzen at the End of Postmodernism, Stephen Burn

Richard Powers's Ghosts, Stephen Burn

The Collapse of Everything: William Gaddis and the Encyclopedic Novel, Stephen Burn

The End of Postmodernism: American Fiction at the Millennium, Stephen Burn

The Machine-Language of the Muscles: Reading, Sport and the Self in Infinite Jest, Stephen Burn

Private Libraries in Renaissance England 7: A Collection and Catalogue of Tudor and Early Stuart Book-Lists (PLRE), Sandra Burr, asst. editor


Extending the Conversation: Raising Issues of Rurality in English Teacher Education, Lisa Eckert and Robert Petrone

60 Declarative Sentences about Oaxaca City, Mexico, Matthew Gavin Frank

A Blow to the Head for St. Louis Barbecue, Matthew Gavin Frank


After Il Sergente Serbo e Sua Moglie, Matthew Gavin Frank

After Self-Portrait with Beard, Matthew Gavin Frank

A Hopeless Mimic Engages the California Roll, Matthew Gavin Frank

Anniversary Tajarin, Matthew Gavin Frank


Answerless Interview with Elena Passarello, Matthew Gavin Frank

A Prayer for the Spudnuts, As They Take to the Sky, Matthew Gavin Frank

A Recipe, Matthew Gavin Frank

At Altitude with the Denver Omelet, Matthew Gavin Frank

At the Center of the Center of the New York Bagel, Matthew Gavin Frank

Barolo, Matthew Gavin Frank

Can’t You See the Sunshine?, Matthew Gavin Frank

Catalina, Matthew Gavin Frank

Crickets in Orange Space, Matthew Gavin Frank

Culinary School, Matthew Gavin Frank

Elegy for the Whitefish, Matthew Gavin Frank

Elements of the Pasty, Matthew Gavin Frank

Elements of the Pasty and Its Relation to the Lake, Matthew Gavin Frank

Elements of the Pasty and Its Relation to the Lake, Matthew Gavin Frank

Endnotes for Cudighi, Matthew Gavin Frank


“Ether Dome”, Matthew Gavin Frank


Extensions on Buttwiches and Idiocy and Buttwiches on Extensions, Matthew Gavin Frank

For Omelas, My Lovebird, Matthew Gavin Frank

Hard Times for the Astronauts, Matthew Gavin Frank


“Home-Built”, Matthew Gavin Frank

Illinois Witches, Matthew Gavin Frank

Inheritance, Matthew Gavin Frank

In the Parking Lot of the N17 Hospital, Dusk, Matthew Gavin Frank