Conference Presentations

The Insult of Tolerance, Cate Terwilliger

ACT & Test Taking Strategies, Ray Ventre

A digital edition is not an e-book, Robert Whalen

Building the Digital Temple, Robert Whalen

Building the Electronic Temple, Robert Whalen

Digital Capture: Image, Transcription, and Code Base, Robert Whalen

Donne, Durham House, and Sacramental Puritanism, Robert Whalen

Donne, the Eucharist, and the Early Stuart Church, Robert Whalen

Forme gives being’: Sacramental Theology and Monetary Theory in ‘The Bracelet", Robert Whalen

Herbertext: Computing The Temple, Robert Whalen

Herbert, Sacrament, and the English via media, Robert Whalen

Irregular Heads: Religio Medici and Sir Thomas's Brownes, Robert Whalen

Panel chair, Robert Whalen

Real Presence and the Stuart Court, Robert Whalen

Sacrament and Devotion in Herbert’s Temple, Robert Whalen

Tagging is Critical Reading: Encoding The Digital Temple, Robert Whalen

The Eclectic Edition in the Digital Age, Robert Whalen

“To hunt his cruel food through every vein”: Encoding the Williams MS., Jones 28.169, Robert Whalen

Introducing Early Modern Disability, David Wood

Introducing Early Modern Disability, David Wood

Narrative Prosthesis in Shakespeare's Richard III, David Wood

Red-hot with Drinking: Wine, Melancholy, and the Prosthetic Narrative in "Othello", David Wood

Timing Diability in "Richard 3", David Wood

Timing the Subject in "Hamlet", David Wood


“The Putting Down of the Mint Julep,” 16th Annual Get Lit Festival, Matthew Gavin Frank

“Hospital,” Speed Read Exhibition, Matthew Gavin Frank and Matthew Hansen

“Hospital,” Speed Read Exhibition, Matthew Gavin Frank and Matthew Hansen

Distinguished Service Team Award, UNITED 2007 Conference, Beverly Matherne

Mur de Poesie, Bremen, Germany, Beverly Matherne

Mur de Poesie de Tours, France, Beverly Matherne

TLC Award for exemplary use of NMU's notebook computers in teaching, research, and community service, Beverly Matherne

Book of the Year Award, Russ Prather

Community Partner of the Year, Russ Prather

Distinguished Faculty Award, Russ Prather

Elected President - Elect/President of GLATA, Russ Prather

Excellence in Professional Development, Russ Prather

Exellence in Professional Development, Russ Prather

Honorable Mention, NCTE Award for Excellence in Affiliate Journal, Russ Prather

Rose Day Recipient, Russ Prather


COPS Internal Grant for Scholarship, Stephen Burn

Research, Stephen Burn

Investigating the Role of Muscle-derived BDNF in Neuromuscular Disease Pathology, Sandra Burr

Merck/AAAS Undergraduate Research in Chemistry and Biology, Sandra Burr

Upper Penisula (MI) Native Plant Restoration, Ronald Johnson

Bridging the Gap between the Industrial Environment and the Classroom via Project-Based Learning, Beverly Matherne

Basic Desert of Reactive Emotions, James McCommons

Ghost Dancing and the Iron Horse: Surving through Tradition and Technology, Bronwyn Mills

Promoting Connections: Integrating Performing Arts into English, Kia Jane Richmond

Research Fellowship, Robert H. Whalen

Scholarly Editions Grant, Robert H. Whalen

Scholarly Editions Grant, Robert H. Whalen

Journal Articles

Crockett, Darwin, Ices, Matthew Gavin Frank

Multiple Choice, Matthew Gavin Frank

Special Glasses, Matthew Gavin Frank

Spoon Bread Dictates, Matthew Gavin Frank

The Circumventing of the Elk Stew, Matthew Gavin Frank

The Clouding of the Clear Clam Chowder, Matthew Gavin Frank

The Entire Season: An Elegy for Charlie Trotter, Matthew Gavin Frank

The Nevada Cocktail and the Meadows of Auschwitz, Matthew Gavin Frank

The Origin of an Appetizer, Matthew Gavin Frank

Working Titles, Midwestern Winters, and the Allure of the Squid: An Interview with Matthew Gavin Frank, Matthew Gavin Frank

The Essayist in Search of the Essay: Research Strategies, Matthew Gavin Frank, Jill Talbot, Peggy Shinner, Nicole Walker, and B. J. Hollars

Photographing People’s Feelings: The Patient Eye of Kieślowski and Karabasz, Marek Haltof


Conversations, connections, and culturally responsive teaching: Young adult literature in the English methods class, Elsie L. Olan and Kia Jane Richmond

Conversations, Connections, and Culturally Responsive Teaching: Young Adult Literature in the English Methods Class, Elsie L. Olan and Kia Jane Richmond


Disrupting the dominant narrative: Beginning English teachers’ use of young adult literature and culturally responsive pedagogy., Elsie L. Olan and Kia Jane Richmond


Storying our journey: Conversations about the literary canon and course development in secondary English education., Elsie L. Olan and Kia Jane Richmond


After Self-Portrait with Beard, Matthew Gavin Frank

Anniversary Tajarin, Matthew Gavin Frank

Antebellum, Matthew Gavin Frank

Antebellum, Matthew Gavin Frank

Culinary School, Matthew Gavin Frank

Death by Chocolate, Matthew Gavin Frank

Drilling for Lefse, Matthew Gavin Frank

Elegy for the Whitefish, Matthew Gavin Frank

For Weather, Matthew Gavin Frank

Grasshopper Diptych, Matthew Gavin Frank

Hospital Night, Matthew Gavin Frank

In the Parking Lot of the N17 Hospital, Dusk, Matthew Gavin Frank

Kepler’s Last Law, Matthew Gavin Frank

Lois Lane in Bronze, Matthew Gavin Frank

Making Weight of the Okie Sirloin, Matthew Gavin Frank

On Weight, Matthew Gavin Frank

Parts of a Feather, Matthew Gavin Frank

Other Presentations

"Gender and Representation in Postcolonial Literature and Culture", Jaspal Kaur Singh