Conference Presentations

Writing the Giant Squid: Engaging the Nature(s) of Mythology in Creative Nonfiction, Matthew Gavin Frank

Of Ends and Excalibur: Merlin Shows Arthur the Ropes in Malory's "Le Morte Darthur", Peter Goodrich

Putting on the Dog: The Uses of Man's Best Friend in Middle English Literature, Peter Goodrich

Teaching the Middle Ages as a Global Phenomenon, Peter Goodrich

Ulterior Alteriority: The Middle Ages and Global Periodicity, Peter Goodrich

What Were the Middle Ages, Really?, Peter Goodrich

After Kieslowski: Krzysztof Kieslowski's Legacy in Poland, J. Marek Haltof

"American Polish Cinema': The Pigs (192), Positive Unoriginality and Political Message (in Polish), J. Marek Haltof

An American as the Other, a Pole as the Other [Invited Responder], J. Marek Haltof

Ashes and Diamonds: Contemporary Polish Cinema, J. Marek Haltof

Early Polish Cinematic Responses to the Holocaust, J. Marek Haltof

Socialist Message, Polish Idiom, and American Accent: Polish Popular Cinema in the 1960s, J. Marek Haltof

Wanda Jakubowska’s Auschwitz: "The Last Stage" (1948), J. Marek Haltof

David Williamson, Ocker Films, and the Australian Film Renaissance in the 1970s, Marek Haltof

Polish-Jewish Romances and the Holocaust in Contemporary Polish Cinema, Marek Haltof

Screening the Holocaust during Poland’s ‘Years of Organized Forgetting’ (1965-1980): The Case of Janusz Nasfeter’s, Marek Haltof

'A Warrior Talks About the Land': Survival and Resistance in "Bighorse the Warrior", Amy Hamilton

Border Crossings in Luis Alberto Urrea’s The Devil’s Highway, Amy Hamilton

Graduate Student Professionalization: Time Management as a Graduate Student and a Junior Faculty Member, Amy Hamilton

Mary Rowlandson’s Western Walk, Amy Hamilton

Revisiting 'Letting Go Our Grand Obsessions': 21st Century Visions, Challenges, and Possibilities, Amy Hamilton

“This World That Walks”: Reclaiming the Trail in Diane Glancy’s Pushing the Bear, Amy Hamilton

'But They Weren't Going to Kill Him': (Mis)Placing Identification in the American Literature Classroom, Lesley Larkin

"But They Weren't Going to Kill Him": (Mis)Placing Identification in the American Literature Classroom, Lesley Larkin

Erasing Precious: Reading Percival Everett Reading Sapphire, Lesley Larkin

From the Harlem Renaissance to the Age of Obama: A Century of African American Poetry, Lesley Larkin

From the Harlem Renaissance to the Age of Obama - A Cenury of African American Poetry, Lesley Larkin

Learning to Read Jamaica Kincaid's _A Small Place_, Lesley Larkin

Learning to Read: Jamaica Kincaid's "A Small Place", Lesley Larkin

Reading Feminist Genealogies in Meridel Le Sueur and Zora Neale Hurston, Lesley Larkin

Reading Feminist Genealogies in Meridel Le Sueur and Zora Neale Hurston, Lesley Larkin

Reading Responsibility in Ana Castillo's _The Mixquiahuala Letters_, Lesley Larkin

Reading Responsibility in Ana Castillo's "The Mixquiahuala Letters", Lesley Larkin

Bringing the Writing Center to the Classroom: Workshop Facilitation in Developmental Writing Courses, Z.Z. Lehmberg

From Foot Bridges to Mackinac, Z.Z. Lehmberg

The Meaning of Words: Writer Intention and Reader Interpretation, Z.Z. Lehmberg

Poetry Reading, Beverly Matherne

"Stanley Kunitz: A Poet for All Peoples, Beverly Matherne

Addressing the need to Incorporate Service Learning and Hear Under-Represented Voices: The Role of the Virtual Classroom in Rural Universities., Elizabeth Monske

From Jedis to Padawans: Introducing Faculty, New and Old, to Teaching with Technology, Elizabeth Monske

Seeing the Computers through the Trees: Service Learning in Rural Communities, Elizabeth Monske

Service Learning in Rural Communities: The Need for Additional Research to Inform the Virtual Classroom., Elizabeth Monske


Disrupting Notions of Stigma while Empowering Voices: Examining Language Identity, Mental Illness, and Disability through Young Adult Literature, Elsie L. Olan, Wendy Farkas, and Kia Jane Richmond

Lines of Argument: Critical Responses to William Blake, in Word and Image, Russ Prather

“Academic Service Learning: Shifting Perspectives in Writing Instruction”—, Kia Jane Richmond

Authentic Responding and Evaluating in an Online Writing Setting: English Education and ASL, Kia Jane Richmond

Best Practices in English Language Arts, Kia Jane Richmond

Best Practices in Teaching Secondary English: Discussions of Effective Strategies and Concepts in English Language Arts (Grades 6-12), Kia Jane Richmond


“Developing Ideas into Articles: Strategies for Publishing about Your Teaching.”, Kia Jane Richmond

Discovering Multiculturalism and Otherness in a Seemingly Monocultural Setting: Seeking Connections and Articulating Commonalities between Rural and Urban School Districts, Kia Jane Richmond

"Empathy and Teacher Training.", Kia Jane Richmond

Empowering the English Classroom: Strategies for Enhancing Student Voice, Kia Jane Richmond

Examining Multicultural Teaching of English in the Northwoods, Kia Jane Richmond

Gestalt, Multiple Intelligences, and Responding to Student Writing, Kia Jane Richmond

"Graphic Representation in English Education and FYC”, Kia Jane Richmond

Identity Development in Writing Methods: Risk Taking, Role Playing, and Reaching Out”/“Teaching Pre-Service Writing Teachers: ‘Best Practices’ and Visions for the Future, Kia Jane Richmond

“Implementing Writing Strategies in Science”, Kia Jane Richmond


NCTE State Affiliate Extravaganza II: Michigan Council of Teachers of English MYAF Creative Writing Program, Kia Jane Richmond

"Preparing and Inviting Teachers into Leadership and Scholarship", Kia Jane Richmond

Preparing and Inviting Teachers into Leadership and Scholarship, Part II, Kia Jane Richmond

Preparing and Inviting Teachers into Leadership and Scholarship, Part III, Kia Jane Richmond

Reaching Out Online: Pairing English Education Students with Youth Partners via Internet Writing Workshop, Kia Jane Richmond

“Reaching Out, Teaching In: Academic Service Learning, 21st Century Literacy, and English Language Arts”, Kia Jane Richmond

Reflections and Transformations: Applications of Professional Development on the English Education Classroom, Kia Jane Richmond

(Re)presenting Women in Literature: Young Adult Literature, the Classics, and the Common Core, Kia Jane Richmond

Stretching Our Cores to Meet the Standards: Reading and Writing across the Curriculum, Kia Jane Richmond

Supervising Student Teachers in English Language Arts, Kia Jane Richmond

“Teaching Writing to Teachers of K-12: Different Passions, Similar Goals, Kia Jane Richmond

The Teaching of Grammar: Toolbox to Treasure Box, Kia Jane Richmond

Using Young Adult Lliterature to Help Students Break Stereotypes and Confront the Stigma of Mental Illness, Kia Jane Richmond

Writing Our Inquiry: "'Connecting Experiences: Words and Images'", Kia Jane Richmond

“Writing Process in the English Ed Classroom: Teaching Future Teachers the Power of Peer Response and Portfolios”, Kia Jane Richmond

Expanding Our Definitions of 21st Century Writing Instruction: Online Conferencing, Academic Service Learning, and Writing/Education, Kia Jane Richmond, Lisa Eckert, and Matthew Kilian McCurrie

Effective Integration of Technology in Models of Teaching, Kia Jane Richmond and Mitchell Klett

Disciplinary Literacy: Overcoming Roadblocks to Student Engagement in Science and Beyond, Kia Jane Richmond, Mitchell Klett, and JoeyLynn Selling


Connecting Community with the Classroom: Discussing Best Practices in Academic Service Learning at NMU, Kia Jane Richmond, April Lindala, Martin Reinhardt, Judith Puncochar, Heidi Blanck, and David Helton

Reconsidering Reflective Writing across the College Curriculum: Promoting Individual Growth, Knowledge Transfer and Social Connections, Kia Jane Richmond, Matthew Kilian McCurrie, and Lori Nelson


Preparing 21st Century English Teachers: Using Young Adult Literature to Challenge Stereotyping and Reduce Stigma of Marginalized Populations, Kia Jane Richmond, Maureen McDermott, and Tiffany Rehbein


“Practicing What We Teach in Writing Methods: Crossover Strategies for Preparing Elementary and Secondary English Language Arts Teachers”, Kia Jane Richmond, Allison Wynhoff Olsen, Matthew Kilian McCurrie, and Maureen McDermott

Sisters Are Doing It for Themselves: Strong Female Characters in SyFy and Young Adult Literature, Kia Jane Richmond and Jean Putnam

Dialogues, Interactions, and Collaborations in Ahmed Essop's, The King of Hearts, Jaspal Singh

Discussions of Amitay Ghosh's, The Hungry Tide and Isabelle Millard's Sundarban's: The Silence Islands, Jaspal Singh

Images of Sikh 'Tortured Bodies' and the Construction of Sikh Solidarity and Identity within the Indian Nation-State and the Diaspora, Jaspal Singh

Imagining Nations and Homelands: Sikh Indian Identity in Shauna Singh Baldwin's "What the Body Remembers" and Anita Rau Badami's "Can You Hear the Nightbird Call?", Jaspal Singh

Imagining Nations: The Construction of Sikh Homelands in Indian and Diasporic Imaginations, Jaspal Singh

Madness and Resistance in African and Caribbean Women’s Texts, Jaspal Singh

South Asian Diaspora in Africa: Collective and Individual Memory in Fatima Meer's and Sita Ghandi's Texts, Jaspal Singh

South Asians-Americans, Race, and Representation: US Nationalism and Ideas of National Belongings for a Minority Community, Jaspal Singh

Sunderban's, the Disappearing Islands: Eco-refugees from the World Heritage Site, Jaspal Singh

Trauma of Exile and the Muslim Indian Diaspora in South Africa: Dual Ontology in Ahmed Essop's Fiction, Jaspal Singh

"From the Individual to the Collective: Acts of Resistance for Social Transformation in Pregs Govender's Love and Courage.", Jaspal Kaur Singh

“The Sacred and the Secular: The Formation of Sikh Identity in Anita Rau Badami’s Can You Hear the Night Bird Call?”, Jaspal Kaur Singh

Brain-based Literacy Instruction: Advancing Critical Thinking, Laura Soldner

Choosing Reading Strategies to Support Writing in the Classroom, Laura Soldner

In Times of War: Implications for Literacy Instruction in 2010, Laura Soldner

The Power of Literacy: One Book/One Community in College Classrooms, Laura Soldner

Me Talk Professional One Day: Authentic Voice in the Technical Writing Classroom, Heidi Stevenson

Our Sense of Community, Our Sense of Ecology: Rethinking Service Learning through Ecocomposition, Heidi Stevenson

Daily News, Weekly Edition: Closing the Gap with Newsfeatures, Cate Terwilliger

How to Make Friends and Influence People: Working with the Media, Cate Terwilliger