Conference Presentations

Reliability of the reactive strength index and time to stabilization during depth jumps, Eamonn Flanagan

The effect of fatigue on reactive strength in anterior cruciate ligament reconstructed individuals., Eamonn Flanagan

The effects of sand dune and hill running on lower limb kinematics and running speed in elite sprinters, Andrew Harrison

The Effects of Head Impacts from the Water in College Aged Divers, Hawkins H and Marguerite Moore

Addressing Deficiency Needs in Rwandan Children through Sport Programming, Patricia Hogan

Back to Future Shock: Social Media, Prosumerism, and Sport & Fitness Business, Patricia Hogan

Big Picture Promotion of Health Literacy and CHES Responsibilities in Health Majors, Patricia Hogan

"Big Picture” Promotion of Michigan Standards for Health Teachers in Health Majors, Patricia Hogan

Can you picture it? Images and Teaching: Invited Presentation, Patricia Hogan

Engaging E-learning in Community: Imbedding Problem-Based Learning in a Wiki, Patricia Hogan

Hogan, P.I., & Coleman, B. (2006, November). “Developing intellectual capital in undergraduate students,” peer reviewed acceptance for the MAHPERD (Michigan Association of Health, Physical Education, Recreation, and Dance) Conference, November 9-11, 2006,, Patricia Hogan

Improving Quality of Health Care for Obese Individuals, Patricia Hogan

International Student e-learning in asynchronous time: Wiki collaborative technology across countries., Patricia Hogan

Promoting Health Literacy: Tools for Health Professionals, Patricia Hogan

Promoting Intellectual Fitness via Health Literacy in Undergraduate Students using Critical Thinking, Patricia Hogan

Promoting Muscular Strength and Endurance in Women, Patricia Hogan

Promoting Nutrition in Low Income Families through Education, Patricia Hogan

Prosumer Economy & Prosumer Marketing: Gobal Education in Turbulent Times, Patricia Hogan

Reducing Risk Factors for Underage Drinking in Marquette Youth through Health Education, Patricia Hogan

Should Insurance Companies be Required to Cover the Treatement of Eating Disorders?, Patricia Hogan

Social Media Integration During the 2010 World Cup., Patricia Hogan

Teaching 2.0:A Demonstration of Learning Environments for a Web 2.0 World., Patricia Hogan

Teaching Tolerance one Lesson at a Time, Patricia Hogan

The student's perspective on thinking critically, applying standards and showcasing work in health education., Patricia Hogan

Toward a Learning-culture in Sport Business Education., Patricia Hogan

Undergraduate Students’ Reflections on Studying Ethics through Problem-based Learning, Patricia Hogan

Using the Laptop to Promote Intellectual Capital in Students, Patricia Hogan

Using the Little Engine that Could to integrate literature, efficacy, art, and movement., Patricia Hogan

Using the Little Engine that Could to integrate literature, efficacy, art, and movement., Patricia Hogan

Effects of added weight on oxygen uptake power output, and heart rate during uphill cycling: treadmill versus over-ground., Brock R. Jensen

Comparison of calculated and measured forces of the erector spinae muscles and compressive forces at L5/S1 during static and quasi-dynamic lifts, Randall L. Jensen

Comparison of the lactate-heart rate relationship during treadmill roller skiing and on snow cross country skiing, Randall L. Jensen

Effects of static stretching on maximal isokinetic torque., Randall L. Jensen

Ground and knee joint reaction forces during variations of plyometric exercises., Randall L. Jensen

Ground and knee joint reaction forces during variations of plyometric exercises., Randall L. Jensen

Kinetic responses during landings of plyometric exercises., Randall L. Jensen


Power output, muscle activity, and frontal area of a cyclist in different cycling positions, Randall L. Jensen


Rate of force development and time to peak force during plyometric exercises., Randall L. Jensen

Recovery heart rate during graded stage testing., Randall L. Jensen

Reliability of a digital method to determine frontal area of a cyclist, Randall L. Jensen

Triathlon cycle-run transition: seated versus alternating seated and standing cycling, Randall L. Jensen

Vertical hand force and forearm EMG during a High-step Rock-on climbing move with and without added mass., Randall L. Jensen

Effect of fatigue on dynamic balance after maximum intensity cross country skiing., Mahendran Kaliyamoorthy

Reliability of time to stabilization in single leg standing., Mahendran Kaliyamoorthy

An assessment of frontal lobe activity during an attentional bias task following concussion in collegiate athletes: A near-infrared spectroscopy study, K. Kangas; J. Aday; Marguerite T. Moore Ph.D, AT, ATC; and J. Carlson

Knee joint mechanics after anterior cruciate ligament reconstruction, Ian Kenny, Sarah B. Clarke, and Andrew Harrison


Digigogy: Toward A Pedagogy of Connections, Chris Kirk, Patricia Hogan, and Breanne R. Carlson

Force output and hip movement while flutter kicking with variations of kickboard support., Melissa A. Kralik

Reliability of a new lower extremity motor control test: Dot diagram., John E Lawrence

Quantification of drop jumps for training implications., John E. Lawrence

Reliability of peak vertical drop jump forces., John E. Lawrence


Relationship of ground reaction and knee joint reaction forces in plyometric exercises., Sarah K. Leissring

Hamstring muscle activation differences between genders while performing single leg landings, M.K.D. Lewis

Active Learning Speed Dating: Which Strategy is Your Match?, Dawn Lundin

Driving Learning Interactions: Essential Elements of an Effective Online Teaching Model, Dawn Lundin

Facilitating Learning Across Various Cultures, Countries, and Classrooms, Dawn Lundin

From Ha-Ha to Ah Ha! – The Role of Humor in Facilitated Learning, Dawn Lundin

Increasing Student Engagement in Online Course thru the Strategic Use of VoiceThread, Dawn Lundin

Nutrition for Trail Runners, Dawn Lundin

Personal Knowledge Management for Higher Education Professionals: Staying Fresh in the Field, Dawn Lundin

The A, B, C’s of the X, Y…now Z? The Tides of Change with the Next Generation of Students in our 21st Century Universities, Dawn Lundin

Why Don’t Our Students Seem to be Learning Much? Lessons From Student Development and Critical Theory, Dawn Lundin

Wired to Connect: Linking Social Intelligence to Positive Student Involvement and outcomes, Dawn Lundin

Reliability of joint angle movements during rock climbing, Paris L. Malin

The effects of a cloth wrap in stabilization of the ankle, Chelsea L Matthew

Energy economy: effect of lateral pedal width variations relative to Q-angle in avid cyclists, Melinda J. McCutcheon

Differences in RSI and peak ground reaction force for drop rebound jumps from a hang and box for female subjects, Brian McGowan

Effects of Rock Climbing Route Ascent and Route Familiarity on Handgrip and Finger-Curl Force, Ostrowski Megan L.

Acute effects of the SpeedMaker resistive sprint device: electromyography and kinematics, R. Meidinger, Randall L. Jensen, S. Clarke, and M. Clark

An introduction to the Physical Best program for Middle and High school levels, Marguerite Moore

Crash, Marguerite Moore

Lower Body Youth SPorts Injuries, Mechanism, Prevention and Treatment, Marguerite Moore

Muscle Energy Workshop, Marguerite Moore

Upper Body Youth Sports Injuries, Mechanism, Prevention and Treatment, Marguerite Moore

Upper Body Youth Sports Injuries, Mechanism, Prevention and Treatment, Marguerite Moore

Validity and Reliability of Pediatric ImPACT in Five to Twelve Year Olds, Marguerite Moore and N Cornell

Return to Learn and Play after Concussion in Kids 5-12, Marguerite Moore and B Murphy

Sensitivity to Cultural Practices in Athletics, Marguerite T. Moore

Lingering dynamic balance decrements in college athletes after acute phase of mild traumatic brain injury compared to controls, Marguerite T. Moore, J. Carlson, J. Hamachek, J. Young, and K. Kangas

Issues Unique & Specific to Rural Colleges/Universities, R. Morris and Julie Rochester

Validation of electrogoniometry for the assessment of countermovement jump and landing knee angle, Erich J Petushek

Exploring Mobile Media: The New Frontier in Interpretation, Craig Rademacher

Podcasting In The National Parks, Craig Rademacher

Portable Media Use In National Park Interpretation, Craig Rademacher

Getting off the Ground as an FAR – An Orientation Session for New FARs (and Re-Orientation for Not-So-New FARs), Julie Rochester

Nipping it in the Bud: Early Detection equals Speedy Recovery, Julie Rochester

Assisting Student-Athletes with "Crisis" on Campus, Julie Rochester, K. Hancock, A. Acosta, and A. Beaton

Independent Medical Care, Julie Rochester, A. Trenkler, B. Murphy, and D. Buth

Electromyographical analysis of plyometrics exercises, Christopher J. Simenz

Legal issues in athletic training, M. Stoessner, M. Seger, M. McWilliams, and Julie Rochester

Near-infrared spectroscopy measures of prefrontal cortex oxygenation following mild traumatic brain injury, T. Susa; K. Kangas; Marguerite T. Moore Ph.D, AT, ATC; and J. Carlson

Electromyographical analysis of double pole ergometry: Standing vs. sitting., Jodi L Tervo

Correlation of Training and Performance in the Elite Sit-Ski Athlete., Jodi L. Tervo

Peak velocity of Nordic ski double pole technique: Stand-up vs. Sit skiing., Jodi L. Tervo

Physiological responses of double pole ergometry: standing vs. sitting., Jodi L. Tervo

A comparison of two types of backstroke starts., Katrina M. Theut

Death and dying: Exploring professional issues and solutions, Mary Tremethick