ISBS 2017 Vol 37 Editors

Mark Walsh,University of Miami, Oxford, Ohio, USA

Meredith Stutz,University of Miami, Oxford, Ohio, USA

Sarah Breen,Northern Michigan University Marquette, Michigan, USA

ISBS 2018 (Vol 36) Conference Chair & Scientific Committee Members

Barry Wilson, Auckland University of Technology - Overall Scheduling

Patria Hume, Auckland University of Technology - E-proceedings

Jacqueline Alderson, University of Western Australia - Academic Quality

Young-Hoo Kwon, Texas Women's University - ISBS Quality

Neal Smith, University of Chichester - Awards (NIA)

ISBS 2018 Conference secretariat

Enora Le Flao,Auckland University of Technology - isbs2018@aut.ac.nz

ISBS 2017 Vol 35 Editors

Wolfgang Potthast,German Sport University Cologne, Germany,

Anja Niehoff,German Sport University Cologne, Germany,

Sina David,German Sport University Cologne, Germany,

ISBS Vice President Publications

Sarah Breen, Northern Michigan University