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Prolonged sitting is resulting in health risks to a growing number of the population. As a potential intervention, treadmill desks make it possible to interrupt prolonged sitting during the office worker’s day. This study aimed to investigate the acute effect of breaking up prolonged sitting with treadmill desk walking on postural stability. Thirteen sedentary adults participated in a randomised two treatment crossover design: 1) sitting for 6.5 hrs versus 2) accumulated 2 hrs of light-intensity treadmill desk walking during the 6.5 hrs. Pre and post condition, participants performed postural stability tests on a pressure plate. Centre of Pressure (CoP) AP amplitude showed a significant interaction in Bilateral Eyes Closed, Bilateral Eyes Open and Unilateral Eyes Open tests, and CoP ML Amplitude in both Bilateral tests, where sway amplitude was less in the walking condition. Breaking up prolonged sitting with an accumulated 2 hrs of light-intensity treadmill desk walking had a positive effect on postural stability, supporting the use of walking desks in the workplace.