Injury prevention

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The Functional Movement Screen (FMS) is a tool developed recently not only to aid in the prevention of injury by objectively measuring dysfunction and asymmetries within movement patterns, but also could be used as a baseline for further strength, conditioning, or athletic development. The purpose of this study was to examine the relationships between the scores of FMS in relation to the postural stability (PS) in collegiate athletes. A total of 30 male, basketball athletes volunteered to join this study. The PS were measured by the Biodex Balance System as the displacements of the center of foot pressure (COP) in the limits of stability. The score of FMS were evaluated by one certified professional experts. The results showed that the score of FMS has relation to the performance of the PS in a certain extent, especially in the FMS-shoulder mobility to the LOS overall level 6 (r=.26-.41), in the FMS-active straight leg raise to the LOS forward, backward, right, right-back level 6 (r=.30-.39), and in the FMS-trunk stability push-up to the LOS right, back, and right-forward. It was concluded that the score of FMS might be used to evaluate and/or predict the performance of the PS in young, collegiate athletes.