Injury prevention

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This study explores if scores on the y-balance test (YBT) and functional movement screen (FMS) correlate with peak knee valgus moments during unplanned sidestepping. Fifteen female netballers performed the YBT, FMS and unplanned bilateral sidestepping. Their movements were recorded using a three-dimensional motion capture system. Scores on the YBT and FMS were correlated with peak knee valgus moments; a predictor of injury risk to the anterior cruciate ligament (ACL); of the left leg using Pearson’s R. A moderate-to-strong negative correlation was found between posterolateral reach composite (r = -0.60) and absolute (r = -0.61) scores with peak knee valgus moments. The posterolateral reach component of the YBT could be a simple test to infer peak knee valgus moments during sidestepping and potentially ACL injury risk.