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This study analysed the techniques of dealing with rotational motion in Para-Taekwondo roundhouse kicks (right leg kick with right affected rear arm/P-TKD-R and left leg kick with right affected frontal arm/P-TKD-L) compared with a Taekwondo roundhouse kick (TKD). The results were summarized as follows: i) Kicking speed patterns were different between TKD and P-TKD-L; and ii) Amount of frontal arm angular momentum around the X- and Z-axes were different during three conditions (TKD/P-TKD-R/L) because of compensatory motion. Considered together, our data suggests that the affected arm position, in turn, might affect the roundhouse kick mechanism. However the frontal position of the unaffected arm might be a minor effect of the asymmetry arm because the frontal arm can control the rotation of the upper torso.