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The purpose of this study was to determine the effect of concussion on drivers’ reaction time and dual tasking ability in a simulated driving environment. Testing was performed with a STISIM Model 400 driving simulator. Participants (10 healthy and 10 two weeks to three months post-concussion) were exposed to multiple reaction time scenarios including pedestrian, vehicle, and cyclist incursions. Dual tasking ability was measured using STISIM dual task scenarios. There were longer reaction times in concussed participants (F(1, 18) = 2.072, p = .001, ��2=.600) and a lower number of mean dual task passes in concussed participants (F(1, 18) = 23.145, p = .001, ��2 = .563), both of which were statistically significant. Understanding the effect concussion has on driving ability is the first step to creating a guideline for clinicians to refer to when assessing concussed patients and determining if they are fit to drive.