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“Usability” is introduced, for the first time, as an ergonomics criterion concerning the development and functional evaluation of the muscular force qualities training programs, based on the use of biomechanics methodology. Thus, the main purpose of the present study is to introduce ergonomics applied to the training as a method to prevent WRMSDs (Work-Related Musculoskeletal Disorders) that cause the high loads and efforts as well as overuse, regarding mechanical work and power. “DynaSoft 2.0” is a 3D Inverse Dynamics package that allows for the evaluation of the developed mechanical loads during the repeated series of exercises in the training of muscular force qualities. “DynaSoft 2.0” makes possible the treatment of data not obtained from “turn-key systems” that could be too expensive, and, the user has the possibility to have by own the control of all analysis processes constructing purposeful anthropometric models.