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The purpose of this study was to characterize the kettlebell swing movement kinematics, and to examine the changes induced by an unstable surface. One experienced subject with a 6kg kettlebell performed 10 kettlebell swings on the floor and 10 on an unstable surface. Optoelectronic system with 6 cameras was used to obtain the 3D analysis. Four variables were selected for this pilot study: the leg-thigh and the thigh-trunk angles when the subject had the maximal knee joint flexion, the arm-trunk angle when the subject was at maximum extension of the knee joint and the duration of the trials. Significant changes induced by the unstable surface were obtained in the four variables selected. Thus, this study presents a simple, operation and low-time consuming process to evaluate the role of unstable surface for fitness exercises. Further studies should deeply examine different surfaces, to clarify its role in rehabilitation programs.