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The purpose of this study was to investigate the effect of high-cuff hiking boots on gait kinematics and lower extremity muscle activities compared with standard trekking shoes. 16 participants walked on a treadmill at 0°and 12° inclination uphill with both, a high-cuff hiking boot and a standard trekking shoe. Kinematics was collected with a 12 camera IR system. The activities of the mm. tib. ant., soleus, gastroc., rect. fem., vast. lat. and bic. fem. was recorded. For all muscles substantially higher muscle activities have been found for the uphill condition. While the activity of the mm. bic. fem. and tib. ant. was higher using high-cuff hiking boots, the activity for the mm. gastroc., soleus and vast. lat. was reduced. These results might help to understand more specifically the effect of footwear in hiking in general and to support the development of hiking footwear.