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The aims of the present work was i. to investigate the acute effects of prolonged vibratory stimulation on short-latency stretch reflexes (SLR) of soleus muscle, ii. to assess effects of vibration on parameters of the H-reflex and M-wave stimulus-response curves. There were no changes in the EMG of SLR. During vibration H-reflex amplitudes decreased but H-reflex threshold current increased. None of the H-reflex parameters showed timedependent changes. In contrast, maximum M-wave magnitude (MMAX) decreased after 30min of sustained vibration. The analysis suggests differential effects of presynaptic inhibition on ��-motoneurons. The vibration parameters have no effect on excitability of afferent and efferent fibers. The depression of the MMAX after vibratory stimulation may be related to neuromuscular transmission failure and/or reduced sarcolemmal excitability.