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This study aims to investigate the effects of wearing high (HS) & low-top (LS) basketball shoes on the ankle joint kinematics, kinetics, and performance in the sagittal plane during different maneuvers. 12 subjects performed weight-bearing dorsiflexion (WB-DF) movement, drop jumps (DJ), and lay-up jumps (LU) in two shoe conditions. Wearing HS can significantly reduce ankle joint excursion in WB-DF. No significant differences were found in jumping height and kinematics between the two shoes. In LU, peak plantarflexion torque and power were significantly lower in HS. The high-top shoes adopted in this study did not restrict the ankle dorsiflexion performance during actual jumping. Thus, high shoe collar height would be applied to practical with caution of affecting the partial kinetic characteristics of the ankle joint in the sagittal plane.