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The purpose of this study is to evaluate the ability of compression tights to influence knee motion during a drop vertical jump (DVJ) in healthy college-aged female athletes. 23 athletes participating in jumping sports (volleyball, basketball, and soccer) were tested. A standard Helen-Hayes 29-marker set was applied to the subjects and recorded using 8 visible-red cameras and 2 force plates. Average hip internal rotation was reduced by 1.9° (p= 0.005), hip abduction range of motion was 2.4° less (p= 0.002), hip abduction angle at initial contact was reduced by 2.7° (p= 0.018), and knee valgus angle at initial contact was also reduced by 1.7° (p= 0.029). These changes support the idea that compression tights may aid in injury prevention and rehabilitation. In the future EMG could be use to identify differences in muscle activation patterns.