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The purpose of this study was to compare one repetition maximum (1RM), as well as biomechanical outputs across a range of loads (75-100%) in the power clean (PC) utilizing the hook grip (HG) or closed-grip (CG). Eleven well-trained males (PC 1RM=1.34xBW) with at least six months of HG experience volunteered. Following a familiarization session, PC 1RM testing with the HG and CG were completed in random order, 5-7 days apart on a force platform with linear position transducers and 2D motion capture. The HG condition resulted in greater PC 1RM (6.6%, ES=0.43), peak barbell velocity (2.9-5.2%, ES=0.41-0.70) and relative peak barbell power (5.7-15.1%, ES=0.32-0.71) at all submaximal loads compared to CG. No substantial differences were found in horizontal bar-path (ES=-0.27-0.32). The results of this study suggest that athletes who implement weightlifting movements in their physical preparation should adopt the HG.