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This study examined the acute effect of a novel rehabilitation device, NewGait™, on muscle activation in persons with Multiple Sclerosis. Through electromyography, muscle activation of the vastus medialis (VM), gastrocnemius lateralis (GL) and tibialis anterior (TA) was measured in seventeen patients (n=17). Three trials were conducted in each condition: a 10-meter control walk and 10-meter NewGait™ walk. Results showed a non-significant change in muscle activity with moderate effect sizes in the right VM (increase of 39.72% MVC, p=0.082, d=0.626) and right TA (decrease of 12.71% MVC, p=0.069, d=0.427). In general, no change in muscle activation was noted when wearing the NewGait™ device. Future research should include a larger sample size and differentiation between the stance phases to accurately measure the outcomes of the NewGait™ device on muscle activation.