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The study purpose was to investigate joint kinematics and muscle activations and compare clean-shot (CS) and bank-shot (BS) in men’s basketball free-throw. Ten high school male basketball athletes were recruited and asked to perform 10 CS and 10 BS, respectively, in random order. Kinematic results indicated that the range of motions (ROM) of knee, hip, and elbow joints for BS were greater (2.9 to 15.1%) than those of CS. During the projection phase, peak angluar velocities of all joints except the wrist of BS were greater than those of CS. The muscle activity of the triceps brachii increased by about 10.5% across all phases of BS compared to CS. In conclusion, the strategy of successful BS depends on increased joint ROMs and muscle activations of the triceps but similar peak angular velocity of the wrist to CS during the projection phase.