Injury prevention

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The purpose of this study is to clarify how to apply Seoi-nage to reduce the occurrence of injuries in elbow joints. Five participators were male college judo athletes, one as the Uke (receiver) and other four as Tori(Thrower), two of them with pain in elbow and other two without pain. The result shows that the players without pain in elbow flexed the elbow joints greatly and lifts the Uke by not bend the hip joint too much. Two considerations about the players(Tori) with pain in elbow. 1) The movement of Nagekomi in elbow joints was different from the Uchikomi. Therefore, it assumed that great load put on his elbow joints. 2) Hip joint bends after contacting with Uke and the upper body bends and throw with the power of the arm. In conclusion, the player who uses less strength of the lower extremities instead of the strength of upper body, which might cause injury.