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The purpose of this study was to identify movement strategies of elite badminton players when carrying out a badminton specific speed test. Twenty-one international elite badminton players participated with whole-body kinematics collected using 15 high-speed infrared cameras. Center of Mass (CoM) movement analysis was conducted using Visual3D (C-Motion Inc., USA). CoM energy and total power, peak CoM velocity and postural sway were analysed. Genders were compared by t-tests and relationship between completion time and the investigated parameters was tested using Pearson Correlation tests. Male players were lowering their CoM 7 cm more than females. A significant correlation was found among the male players between total power and completion time. All male players exhibited greater total power during the test and higher peak CoM velocities than female players. The results demonstrate the ability to quantify performance by tracking 3D-movements of the CoM in badminton. Future kinematic testing should include novice and non-skilled players to derive beneficial techniques and coaching strategies accordingly.