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Pedalling skills are evaluated using angular impluse of negative crank torque (INCT) that occurs in pulling phase (180-360° of crank rotation that 0° is top dead center. INCT has the effect of inhibit crank rotation (“braking force“). The aim of study was to obtain findings to reduce INCT for improving cyclists' pedalling skills. We examined the relationship between INCT and kinetic pedalling data through the full crank rotation. Fifteen male cyclists performed constant pedalling at 80%Vo2max and 90rpm. Kinetic and kinematic pedalling data were measured by the pedal-shaped force platform (KISTLER) and by a 3D motion capture system (VICON). A negative correlation was indicated 80-250° of crank rotation between horizontal pedal force (Fh) and INCT (pNCT occurring in pulling phase was affected by amount of Fh in pushing phase.