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The purpose of this study was to identify the sagittal range of motion across five joints and two body segments during the first three cranks of the BMX SX gate start, and to identify difference between females and males across these seven variables. This was achieved with markerless motion capture of 10 athletes, analysing three maximum effort gate starts using a motion capture and data analysis method previously validated in literature. It was found that the average range of motion for the trunk segment was 39 ± 6°, head segment was 38 ± 35°, shoulder joint was 87 ± 7°, elbow joint was 47 ± 15°, hip joint was 62 ± 11°, knee joint was 93 ± 12° and ankle joint was 58 ± 14°. Further analysis showed a statistically significant difference between males and females. This information can be further used to advise strength and conditioning prescription and to assess movement maturation