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The gradual improvement of athletic performance and ability of sports has put forward higher requirements for the scientific level of training, among which the simulation of athlete 's action is an important research method and means.Short track speed skating has always been a traditional advantage project of our country. In the 500m competition of short track speed skating, occupy a good position in the starting phase has an important influence on the whole process of the competition,which can make the athlete enter the corner in advance and thus successfully complete the acceleration phase.The International Skating Union (ISU)changed the rules of start action,and various starting actions emerged.The athlete of National Short Track Speed Skating Team named Wu Dajing(Champion of Men’s 500m in 2016/17 Season)changed his technique of start action, he is the only one who use lateral type start action in National Team.This paper uses the three-dimensional video analysis method to analyze the kinematics parameters of start action of Wu Dajing and Canadian athlete Charles Hamelin (who has been using the lateral starting action) at the 500m competition of 2016/17 ISU World Cup in Shanghai. Indicating that technical parameter of the start action of Wu Dajing (center of gravity, trunk angle, pedal ice angle, lower limb joint angle, etc.) are better than Charles, the pedal effect is better than Charles, which shows that he has a good learning ability of the new technology , it is recommended in the training he should focus on improving the stability of start action.