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The purpose of this study was to analyze the techniques of 132 Chinese male weightlifters competing at the 2015 China Weightlifting Championships, and to examine the differences of maximum bar height (MbH) and relative MbH (MbH/body height) among the all 8 weight classes. All attempts were recorded with the Real-Time Feedback System during the competition, and 115 snatch and 132 clean & jerk successful attempts with heaviest loads were choose to be studied. The statistical results show the relative MbHs for clean and jerk are 59.5% and 94.3% respectively, while in snatch the relative MbHs are 71.8%, 73.9%and 76.6% for 56 - 94, 105 and 105+ weight classes differently; the relative MbH (72.0%) of elite group (n=48) is lower than that (73.2%) of normal group (n=67) in snatch (p<0.05).