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We investigated the relationship between stiffness in rebound jump (RJ) and kinematics and kinetics of the support- and swing-leg in sprint running (SP). We included 13 male track and field athletes performing maximal effort SP and RJ. During the support phase, kinematics, kinetic, and leg stiffness parameters were calculated using a force platform and data from a high-speed video camera that recorded movement in the sagittal plane. A significant correlation was observed between SP and RJ for stiffness (r = 0.683). In SP, stiffness was significantly correlated with contact time (r = -0.659), mean joint torque at the ankle (r = 0.703) and knee (r = -0.726) joints, CG (center of gravity) -toe distance (r = -0.818), and the swing-leg angle (r = -0.676) at touch down. Based on our results, kinematics and kinetics correlated with stiffness in SP are affected by RJ stiffness.