Motor control

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The aim of this paper was to assess skill exploration via coordinated variability (CoordVar) during attendance to a longitudinal, reducing biofeedback (BFb) intervention. Novices (n=15 BFb; n=15 Control) were introduced to a lunge touch task. Visual BFb were given on the timing and magnitude of rear leg kinematics. A modified CI2 method (CI2area) was used to quantify CoordVar for rear leg joint couplings. Coefficient of variability was used to quantify CoM horizontal velocity as performance variability (PerfVar). Linear regression 95% confidence intervals were compared between groups to assess changes over time. The BFb group demonstrated increasing CoordVar as a response to the BFb, with all participants showing no change in PerfVar. This highlights the potential for CoordVar to identify the effectiveness of BFb provision by practitioners.