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In keeping with our Kiwiana theme, we will have a Wise Wizards Panel (yes, think Lord of the Rings movie) to answer interactive questioning from the delegates. Panel members are prestigious previous Geoffrey Dyson awardees, Life members, and ISBS Fellows: Professors Patria Hume, Bruce Elliott, Joe Hamill, Walter Herzog and Juris Terauds. Professor Walter Herzog is a Professor at the University of Calgary. Professor Joe Hamill is currently President of the International Society of Biomechanics. Professor Patria Hume was the inaugural SPRINZ Director at the Auckland University of Technology. Professor Juris Terauds and Professor Bruce Elliott are both Emeritus Professors. Professor Bruce Elliott’s philosophy has always been “a good question leads to beneficial research”. Come prepared to ask these wise biomechanists all the things you have ever wanted to know about biomechanics, as a discipline and a career. Via the session chairs Associate Professor Jacqueline Alderson and Professor Gareth Irwin, and using a dedicated feed arranged by our ISBS Social Media Coordinator Kylie Robinson, you will be able to ask questions like;

  • What does it take to have a successful academic career as a biomechanist?

  • Where are some of the best experiences that can be gained in applied biomechanics?

  • What is your crystal ball prediction of what biomechanics specialists will focus on in 10 years time?

    We hope that delegates, especially student and early career researchers, take up this unique opportunity to gather insight from those in whose footsteps they walk.