Injury prevention

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Overpronation is a misalignment of the calcaneus resulting from flattening of the medial longitudinal arch, which may lead to an overuse injury in runners. It is suggested that taping may control the position of the calcaneus to correct foot pathologies associated with overpronation. This pilot study explored the effect of ankle taping on the kinematics of the lower extremity while running. Fifteen healthy participants ran on a treadmill with a Kinesio Tape®, Leuko Tape®, and a no tape condition while being video recorded for 3D analysis. No significant changes in the selected lower extremity kinematic variables were seen among the tape and no tape conditions. Participants demonstrated an average Foot Posture Index score of 2.2±1.5, which is considered neutral. Ankle taping may be more beneficial in altering lower extremity kinematics in runners with higher values of pronation and at faster running speeds.