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The Master of Ceremony Professor Patria Hume will ask delegates to stand at the commencement of the opening for the procession of the dignitaries to the auditorium.

Dignitaries will be called into the auditorium via the Māori traditional karanga, and will proceed to their seats.

The first formal address will be given by kaihāpai Dr Valance Smith and commence with a Karakia (Blessing) and Mihi Whakatau welcoming dignitaries, guests and delegates to the ISBS 2018 Conference.

Derek McCormack, the AUT Vice-Chancellor, will address the assembled company and welcome them to AUT for the conference hosted in partnership by AUT, AUTM, HPSNZ, ATEED and ISBS.

The conference logo was designed by Professor Patria Hume and Dr Valance Smith based on:

the adaption of the AUT SPRINZ logo (taking steps to research-education-service excellence – sprinting up the NZ fern); and the goals of conference reflected in Māori culture “Te hōkai tapuwae” means “The breadth of stride”. Within the Māori Karakia (prayer) ‘Tenei au tenei au’ is the line ‘te hōkai nei i o taku tapuwae’ – The breadth of stride as Tane ascends to the heavens to retrieve the three baskets of knowledge. This embodies human movement and the pursuit of knowledge – the goals of ISBS.

The AUT Faculty of Health and Environmental Sciences Dean and Pro-Vice Chancellor, in absentia, welcomes the assembled company and encourages them to experience the research-education-service focus at AUT.

Mike Stanley, the AUT Millennium (AUT Millennium) Chief Executive & New Zealand Olympic Committee (NZOC) President, will address the assembled company and welcome them to AUTM for the conference applied programme.

Michael Scott, the High Performance Sport New Zealand (HPSNZ) Chief Executive, will address the assembled company and outline the importance of biomechanics and integrated sport science in supporting high performance athletes.

Pam Ford, General Manager Economic Development, Auckland Tourism, Events Economic Development (ATEED), will address the assembled company and outline the importance of the conference to Auckland and New Zealand. Thanks will be given to the industry partners for their active contribution to the conference.

The Conference Flag Ceremony and Official Opening of the Conference by the ISBS President. The delegates selected to participate as flag bearers during the opening ceremony as they were the first from their country to register for the conference, will proceed to the stage. (We apologise to delegates from countries who do not have a flag represented in the flag bearing ceremony due to logistics). The conference will be officially opened by President Young-Hoo with the unfurling of the ISBS banner.

The ISBS President Professor Young-Hoo Kwon will address the assembled company on behalf of the International Society of Biomechanics in Sports and its Board of Directors, to welcome delegates to the 36th ISBS Annual Conference and to the city of Auckland.

The details of this ISBS 2018 Conference inaugural Presidents Award are confidential until it is awarded. The recipient does not know they are receiving this award. The citation will be read by Dr Laura-Anne Furlong, ISBS Board member.

The ISBS President Professor Young-Hoo Kwon and AUT Vice Chancellor Derek McCormack will present the ISBS 2018 conference travel grants to the recipients. NZ$20,000 is being awarded.

The Kaikōrero Dr Valance Smith will perform the traditional Māori blessing of the gifts for dignitaries.

Master wood carver Jarrod Hume was commissioned to create hand carved pohutukawa, puriri, and kauri (native NZ trees) items for dignitaries. Jarrod reclaimed the wood from fallen trees at Kawau Island in Auckland’s Hauraki Gulf. He dried the wood for two years, hand carved each item, and added Pasifika art work of his own creation using pyrography.

The AUT kapahaka group, Tītahi ki Tua, will again perform for the assembled company.

ISBS Geoffrey Dyson Awardee Professor Hermann Schwameder will be introduced by ISBS President Professor Young-Hoo Kwon. The prestigious Geoffrey Dyson Lecture is an invited presentation given by scientists who have made an outstanding contribution to ISBS and the field of sports biomechanics.

As the Industry Partners Representative, Imogen Moorhouse (VICON’S CEO) from the ISBS 2018 Auckland Conference Platinum Industry Partner VICON, will address the assembled company and invite them to the opening Industry Playground Event immediately following the procession of the delegates from the theatre into the Sir Paul Reeves Atrium.

The delegates will be requested to rise and remain standing for the procession of the dignitaries from the auditorium. All delegates will then proceed to the Kiwiana Opening Reception in the Sir Paul Reeves Atrium, where they will be greeted by Kelly Sheerin, and Alex Muir from VICON, on behalf of the industry partner medallists participating in the Playing Field Events.