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The aim of the Kiwiana and Industry Partner Playing Field Opening Reception is to enable conference delegates to meet colleagues, make new acquaintances, learn about New Zealand (NZ) culture, experience quality NZ cuisine, and interact with new digital technology. The informative speeches (e.g. wine and food matching, cloudy bay clam research, Kiwiana research), thematic food stations (i.e. beach bach, farm, modern Kiwiana), interactive “ice-breaking” activities and competitions (e.g. jig saw building, gum boot throwing, number 8 wire sculpture, fishing), and social media photo opportunities (e.g. Kiwiana photo booth with VUTA) have been designed to help delegates achieve these goals.

Native bird songs play while delegates walk into the fern and flax adorned atrium after the official opening. Delegates will receive a bubbly, beer, juice or mineral water on entry.

Mr Kelly Sheerin, as the coordinator of the ISBS 2018 Conference industry partnership engagement programme, will outline the evening’s fun activities in the “Industry Playing Field” interactive events, and opportunities to win prizes.

Dr Sarah-Kate Millar will provide the Karakia—blessing of the food.

AUT Group Chef Matthew Farley, AUT Hospitality Services will explain the food and the Sileni wine for the evening. There are three savoury and two sweet canapés from cookbooks written by lecturers at AUT’s School of Hospitality and Tourism. Food is available from the Beach Bach, Farm, and Kiwiana themed areas.

Lindsay Neill, kiwiana and Kiwi identity researcher, School of Hospitality, Tourism and Events, will outline the importance of kiwiana to New Zealand. His showcase will include the famous Buzzy Bee and findings from his latest research on kiwiana. Lindsay will highlight the uses of beetroot, tomato sauce, chocolate fish, Tip Top ice cream, and hokey pokey – regular food items for many NZers! We are really excited to showcase a special modern kiwiana food station with finger food adapted from books by AUT School of Hospitality, Tourism and Events staff. Students from the School’s culinary programmes are assisting to prepare and serve the food for your enjoyment including: Cured salmon, rice cracker, pickled ginger, spring onion; Corn fritters; Suqaar Digaag Somali chicken; White chocolate tart with chocolate cremeux and Swiss merengue; Misiluki banana pudding with Siamu Popo.

Professor Lindsay White, Cloudy Bay Clams researcher, School of Applied Sciences, will outline the research behind producing Cloudy Bay Clams. His showcase will provide tastings of fresh seafood. Surf clams is the collective term for seven commercially harvested molluscs that live on almost all of NZ sandy, high wave energy beaches. They live buried in the sand, just in or behind the breaking waves. Regional small-scale studies indicate that surf clams have the potential to be NZ’s most valuable fishery resource, but a lack of scientific knowledge about these species allows only a tiny fraction of the sustainable harvest to be currently harvested. Our research to date has had a huge impact on the national fishery, more than doubling the total catch of surf clams, which equates to increases in annual export earnings of over $27 million. Based on this work, in 2013 we jointly won the Kiwi Supreme Prize for Commercialisation of Research.

Tim Davison’s team will introduce the interactive virtual AUTer (VUTA). VUTA is the virtual MC for the Opening Kiwiana event alongside Kelly Sheerin as the in-the-flesh MC! Tim will explain how delegates can interact with VUTA by scanning the code in messenger. VUTA can make announcements, answer questions, display messages, greet people, and move around. Tim has been able to customise her to do just about anything. Samsung flip screens (https://displaysolutions.samsung.com/digital-signage/e-board/flip) are used for directional information and Tim’s VUTA. Thanks to Industry partner Samsung for providing the hardware to enable VUTA to come to life.

Professor Len Gillman, School of Applied Sciences - Conference Sustainability—ecological responsibility, will explain the food and waste compositing, no single use plastics, and vegan options for the conference. Len and Professor Thomas Neitzert (School of Engineering) have calculated the carbon footprint for international delegates flying to NZ for the conference is 186.5 tonnes of carbon! Therefore 1.86 hectares (4.6 acres) will need to be planted to offset the conference travel. Strategies undertaken by the ISBS 2018 conference organising committee to help offset the carbon cost include the planting of native trees, promotion of recycling of bottles and compositing of food during the conference, vegan meal options, use of low energy LED lights and solar lights, minimised use of plastic products with no single-use plastic, digital posters rather than printing posters, and puffer jackets as the ‘conference bag’ as a useful reusable item.

Lindsey du Preez is the AUT Sustainability Officer. Lindsey has worked with the AUT Hospitality Services team to provide initiatives that have a strong focus on sustainability for the conference. Some of the key initiatives are: This is a paperless conference and all material is digital including conference proceedings and posters; AUT is working towards eliminating ‘single use plastic’, so this is avoided wherever possible. Water will be provided in jugs with glass containers, and unpacked teabags and chocolates have been sourced directly from suppliers to reduce unnecessary packaging; Reusable cutlery and crockery will be provided to avoid unnecessary waste; Serviettes are compostable; 25% of the food provided is vegetarian and food is sourced locally wherever possible; three bin-system will be provided for rubbish, mixed recycling (plastic bottles types 1 & 2, essentially milk bottles and drink bottles, glass, cans) and organic waste; All leftover food will be composted, and every effort made to avoid over catering; Support of Fair Trade and all coffee is Fair Trade; The conference is next to a major bus terminus for easy access to public transport.

The Kiwiana interactive showcase photo competition will be run by Kylie Robinson. Post the best photo of you and fellow delegates in the Kiwiana interactive showcase photo booth that includes jandals, flora (flax, punga ferns), fauna (Tui, Kiwi, geko, pukeko, kea), paua, a rugby ball, NZ sliver fern, flags, sheep, swandri, gumboots, #8 wire, L&P bottle, chocolate fish, tomato sauce bottle, buzzy bee, kiwi fruit. Thanks to AMTI for the chocolate fish.

We have taken a different approach to our “sponsors” for the conference, preferring to have engaged industry partners. Industry Partners are treated like any other conference delegates in terms of registration, with an expectation that there is active engagement and preparation of a workshop, applied session or industry partner playing field event – just like a delegate would prepare an oral podium or a poster pitch and digital poster. Our industry partners have adapted to this new format with enthusiasm. We hope that delegates take up the opportunity to interact with the Industry Partner delegates, particularly in the playing field sessions where there are participatory games. Aerobe will be demonstrating their simple to use active marker technology Codamotion system to track the knee and ankle joints during a series of jump activities.

Thanks to the industry partners who have participated in the industry partner programme.

Platinum industry partner VICON are providing the ISBS 2018 conference puffer jackets to those who registered by the standard registration date. Vicon are also providing beverages for conference events. Diamond industry partner SILENI are providing amazing wines for all the conference events. We have a large selection from the Sileni range including Marlborough Sauvignon blanc, pinot gris, pinot noir, sparkling cuvee brut, merlot etc. Diamond industry partner SAMSUNG are providing new FLIP technology screens, 55” screens for the digital poster sessions, and the Note9 and DeX station for social media interaction and prizes. Gold industry partner ACC is supporting the Keynote panel speakers and a round table luncheon. Gold industry partner KISTLER are supporting two round table luncheons, and Olympic athletes at the AUT Millennium event. Gold industry partners QUALISYS and NORAXON are providing workshops and AUT Millennium applied sessions. Gold industry partner AMTI are supporting the chocolate box stations and the student evening at the marae. Silver industry partner FORCEDECKS are supporting the Commercialisation and Funding Monday workshop. Bronze industry partner CHANUI are providing tea and biscuits for breaks.

Bronze industry partner AEROBE are supporting the Wise Wizards keynote panel. Bronze industry partner TEKSCAN are supporting the Sports Technology long table luncheon. Bronze industry partner STT Systems are supporting the fruit baskets. Bronze industry partner ASICS are providing shoes for social media prizes and a chill-out zone. Bronze industry partner SIMI are showcasing their technology at an industry booth.