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The host of the archive is the J.E. Lindsay Carter Kinanthropometry Clinic and Archive (JELCKCA) at the Auckland University of Technology. The director of the Archive is Professor Patria Hume (AUT SPRINZ) and archive web master is Dr Anna Lorimer (Bond University and AUT SPRINZ).

Initiation of this project was a result of planning and hosting the 36th Annual Conference of the International Society of Biomechanics in Sports (ISBS) in Auckland, New Zealand September 10-14, 2018.

This archive is a place to share (upload) and obtain (download) electronic image files that are intended for non-profit instructional use in sport and exercise biomechanics classes and educational outreach programs (e.g. National Biomechanics Day). Archive images are indented to be stand-alone instructional slides or can be photo/images/graphics that illustrate biomechanical data, principles, theories, or application. While human sport and exercise examples are preferred, any animal biomechanical images of potential interest and instructional value are welcome.

Images in the archive are organized into the following thirteen categories to facilitate user access: Active Learning Experiences, Applications in Professions, Core Concepts, Data Collection, Demonstrations, EMG/Neuromuscular, Fluids, Kinematics, Kinetics, Muscle Mechanics, Theories, Videos, and Other.

Downloading and Use Expectations: Users of image-slides from this archive are expected to not alter the image to exclude the references to the original data, image, or image author(s) at the bottom of each image. These image-slides are for non-profit, educational use with universities, schools, conferences, or other service presentations. They are not intended for use in consulting for personal profit. All materials in this archive are intended for free, fair educational use, so any material (images, video, content) that has explicit for-profit copyright, trademark, or other legal limitations on educational use should NOT be uploaded.

Uploading Expectations: Please upload only standard, widely supported electronic image (.jpg, .png or .gif) or short, compressed video files (.avi, .gif., .mov, .mpeg). Please strive to use a wide, horizontal layout common in MS PowerPoint slides (vertical to horizontal ratio of 1:1.9). Sources of all published data should be cited in APA format (Author, year). ALL slides should also identify the person submitting the slice on the bottom, lower left. We recommend the following format for this acknowledgement: Slide by First Initial. Slide Author Surname for educational use only.

All uploads require the entry of the name and email address of the person that created the submission, along with a few suggestions describing the potential use of the image-slide. Please use a filename that is descriptive of the image-slide content (e.g., MuscleActions.jpg).

All content to be uploaded will be reviewed by the Archive managers before it is made publically available.