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The VIP event is to acknowledge the work of the industry partners for their active engagement in the conference, and for being willing to take on a new format. The event will also acknowledge two special guests (yes it is a surprise!), and the reviewers for the ISBS 2018 Conference papers, the invited speakers and the ISBS Fellows, ISBS Life members and ISBS Board members.

Professor Peter McNair will be the master of ceremonies. Peter is an internationally respected biomechanist for his work in musculoskeletal biomechanics, injury rehabilitation and sports biomechanics. Peter was the inaugural Director of the AUT Health and Rehabilitation Research Institute and is an active researcher and educator at AUT.

Certificates of thanks will be awarded to ISBS 2018 Auckland Conference Industry Partners by Kelly Sheerin.

Certificates of thanks awarded to ISBS 2018 Auckland Conference scientific committee members by Peter McNair.

There will be a special International Society of Biomechanics in Sports 2018 Conference Honour citation and certificate awarded for contribution to biomechanics theory and practice.

Guess who is having a birthday on the night!