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This study examined effects of a 6 week front squat training program using a standard weight lifting technique (control) or a time under tension (TUT) technique on clean pull peak ground reaction force (pGRF) and front squat one rep maximum (1RM). Male collegiate subjects (n=9) with strength training experience performed a front squat 1RM. They also did a clean pull with their reported clean 1RM on force platforms pre and post training to determine pGRF. Front squat 1RM and pGRF for the clean didn’t differ between groups (p>0.05) from pre to post-testing. Front squat 1RM increased 5.3% from pre to post in the TUT group, and 2.9% in the control group. Overall from pre to post-training there was a significant increase in front squat 1RM and relative strength (p