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We explored the differences in the mechanics of elite ten-pin bowlers when performing under high-anxiety (HA) versus low-anxiety (LA) and when achieving strikes versus non-strikes. Eleven right-handed elite bowlers bowled 10 shots in HA versus LA. The Mental Readiness Form-3 was used to assess the bowlers’ self-confidence, and somatic and cognitive anxieties, between the HA versus LA conditions. Selected bowling kinematics were analysed from the start of the fourth step to ball release. Bowlers reported significantly higher somatic and cognitive anxiety under HA compared with LA. HA was accompanied by a 1.4% increase in peak velocity of the left foot slide and a trend toward a 1.7% increase in right shoulder peak flexion velocities at the start of slide regardless of strikes or non-strikes. HA could have resulted in the bowlers rushing their shot.