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This study analysed the difference of motion between affected arm position in Para-Taekwondo roundhouse kick (right leg kick with right affected rear arm/P-TKD-R and left leg kick with right affected frontal arm/P-TKD-L) compared with a Taekwondo roundhouse kick (TKD). The results were summarized as follows: i) Distribution of using arm for helping upper torso and pelvis rotation was depending on unaffected arm; ii) P-TKD-L (affected frontal arm) firstly generate upper torso rotation; and iii) As for kicking speed, P-TKD-R (affected rear arm) was the same as TKD with whip-like-motion. Considered together, our data suggests that affected arm position affected mechanisms of upper torso and pelvis rotation and generating kicking speed. However, Para-subject could control his asymmetry arm for executing roundhouse kick.