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Shooting is sport that involves precision and consistency. In order to achieve high score, shooters are encouraged to minimize movements. One of the parameter that is commonly used to measure stability movement is body sway. Commonly used parameter to measure body sway is displacement velocity. Shooting is a static sport and as the number of shots increases, athletes are bound to feel more fatigue. The purpose of the data collection is to investigate how the increasing number of shots influences the displacement velocity parameters and if the variables influence the score obtained by the athletes. 2 shooters (1 male and 1 female) were involved in this study. The data collection was conducted abiding the format of international shooting competition where male athletes shoot 60 shots in 75 minutes while female athletes shoot 40 shots within 50 minutes. Tekscan insoles were utilized to obtain data from the athletes. Data of athletes were analyzed using the SPSS16 software. There were no correlations found between the investigated parameters and score. However, there are correlations with weak and moderate strength that was found between investigated stability variables.