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The purpose of this study was to determine the effect of cambered surface on gait parameters and pelvis, hip, and knee kinematics of experienced road-runners. Thirty-one women ran at a matched, preferred pace on a 0° (flat), 3.5°, and 7° cambered treadmill with the right side raised. Step width (SW), step time (ST), and cadence and selected joint angles at footstrike (FS) and midstance (MS) were evaluated. No significant differences were found between conditions and extremity in SW, ST, cadence, and max knee flexion during stance. Pelvis frontal ROM and hip adduction at MS were greater on the right with hip adduction having an interaction effect between camber and extremity. Hip flexion at FS was greater at the 7° than 3.5° camber. This study identified significant kinematic changes while running on cambered surfaces which may potentially predispose a runner to injury.