Wearable Technology

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Running gait kinetics and kinematics can be measured in the lab using force-instrumented treadmills and 3D motion capture. However, these tools are not feasible for use in the daily training environment of recreational and elite runners and track athletes. An inertial sensor-based prototype wearable smart garment (SG) has been developed to solve this problem. The purpose of this study was an initial assessment of SG compared to a force treadmill (FT) where foot-ground kinetics and temporal measures relevant to running were examined. Vertical ground reaction force, step time, and contact time showed “good to excellent” mean absolute percent error (< 6%), while step impulse did not (> 10%). All variables showed strong correlations between SG and FT (r > 0.85). The initial prototype smart garment is a viable option for the measurement of running biomechanics outside of the lab.